• ZOPO is a high-quality fashion urban clothing brand born in 2006, with more than 50 offline stores worldwide and online e-commerce 
  • ZOPO stands for Zealous,Open,Perfect& Outstanding.
  • ZOPO believes that You deserve to enjoy high-quality fashion!

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  • Address:Room 1301-01, Building 3, Pingan Financial Center,Jianggan District,Hangzhou Province,China
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 Address of all Luanda Stores:

Shop 01: Rua Almeida Manuel Van Dunem - Bairro José Pirão, Number 370, Municipio Luanda Province de Luanda.
Shop 02: Rua Rainha Ginga, Bairro Mutamba, number 35, Municipality: Luanda, Luanda Province.
Shop 03: Via 2 - Bairro do Talatona (Inside talatona shopping mall), number 1F-11 Municipio: Talatona, Luanda Province.
Shop 04: Rua 115 Bairro Urbanização Nova Vida, number 27 and 28, Municipality: Luanda, Luanda Province.
Shop 05: Rua Imperial Santana (XYAMI Kilamba), number 56, Municipality: Belas, Luanda Province.
Shop 06: Rua Rainha Ginga, Bairro Ingombota, number 23, Municipality: Luanda, Luanda Province.
Shop 07: Avenida Pedro de Castro Van-Duném Loy (XYAMI Nova Vida), number 52, Municipality: Kilamba Kiaxi, Luanda Province.
Shop 10: Rua Comandante Valódia, number 29, Municipality: Viana, Luanda Province.
Shop 15: Avenida Hoji-Ya-Henda - Bairro Vila Alice, number 184, Municipality: Luanda, Luanda Province.
Shop 02 (Benguela): Rua 25 de Abril, Zona Comercial, Codigo S/N, Municipality: Lobito, Benguela Province.
Shop 02 (Lubango XYAMI): Lage District, Commune Headquarters, Municipality: Lubango, Lubango City.
Shop 03 (Lubango): Shopping District number S/N, Municipality: Lubango, Province of Huíla.
Shop 04 (Huambo): Downtown, Rua Mariano Machado, Municipality: Huambo, Huambo Province.
Shop 05 (Huambo XYAMI): Rua Teixeira de Sousa - Bairro São João, Hypermarket XYAMI, Municipality: Huambo, Huambo Province.