Our story

ZOPO is a B2C high-quality fashion urban clothing brand born in 2006, with more than 50 offline stores worldwide and online e-commerce zopo.com. At present, it designs and manufactures men's clothing, and gradually develops derivative accessories, shoes, and high-street clothing for men and women. ZOPO faces Europe, the United States, and Africa, and is gradually expanding to other regions. The first stores opened in Africa and Angola, from its inception, the concept of ZOPO is "You deserve to enjoy high-quality fashion"

Our philosophy

ZOPO is devoted to providing customers with high cost-effective enjoyment in design, quality and service. Our values are high-quality, simple, and stylish brand personalities to meet young people who have a strong sense of self-awareness and advocating freedom.

We believe that in the fast-paced city life, need to go through the test of time, will have a natural tolerance and gas field. We have accumulated quality for many years and keep advancing with the times, so that customers can get high-quality personality and fashion at the right price.

Design: Each piece of clothing is designed by an independent designer, focusing on the fusion of nature, fashion, fashion and simplicity. The style design incorporates the exquisiteness and elegance of the Mediterranean style, using high-quality fabrics and simple lines to shape the noble quality of clothing, so as to interpret the current youth's capable, passionate and free character image.

Existing three original series:ZOPO Suits, ZOPO Urban Casual, ZOPO Streetwear.
The original ZOPO High Street series will be launched soon
● ZOPO stands for Zealous,Open,Perfect& Original


    Style design integrates the exquisiteness and elegance of Mediterranean style in southern Europe, and uses high-quality fabrics, slim patterns and simple collection lines to shape the noble quality of clothing, so as to interpret the capable and enthusiastic character image of modern struggling youth.  

    Main colors: black, white, gray and blue Decoration style: high-grade, luxurious and simple

    Design style: fashion and simplicity

    Cost-effective: high-grade fabrics, high-grade workmanship, medium price

      High Street Series
    American street trend retro style cut neat, easy to match, zopo unique design.
    For consumers over the age of 14, most men and women the same paragraph no gender differences!
    Maintaining consistently high quality pursuit.
    Series products are under development,
    so stay tuned…

    Quality: ZOPO brings together top textile fabric manufacturers and international first-line brand manufacturers to independently develop and produce branded clothing. The quality control is to keep improving, the raw materials, the production process, and continuous improvement to provide customers with a high-quality wearing experience.

    Service: To provide you with pre-sales and after-sales consultation, customers in Angola and other places can go to the store to experience, and business in other regions is gradually developing.

    Future development: The online shopping mall is launching the urban fashion office series, and the high street series will soon be launched. No matter office, leisure or playing with the trend, ZOPO will continue to work hard to show your charm. We are constantly growing, hoping to continue to expand our brand influence.